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Trusted Oral Surgeons Explain How Periodontitis Result in Tooth Loss

Many people are unknowingly at risk for developing periodontitis. Research indicates that over 70% of the elderly population have the condition. Left untreated, the condition may lead to tooth loss, and can lead to other health complications. Fortunately, though periodontitis may take a toll on your teeth, you still have the chance of restoring your pearly whites.

Why Tooth Loss Occurs

With the bone/gums/teeth weakened by the condition, in some cases, teeth need to be extracted by an oral surgeon who has received training in periodontics as a result of periodontitis. Some people actually go through the terrifying experience of having their teeth fall out as a result of advanced periodontitis.

Treatment Options after Tooth Loss

If a patient experiences tooth loss as a result of periodontitis, their periodontist will likely recommend prosthetic teeth. Examples of prosthetics are bridges, dentures or dental implants.


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