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Consider the New Mini Dental Implants to Replace One or More Teeth

If you are missing one or more of your teeth, then your dental health professionals at a center for cosmetic dentistry in Orange County may have suggested a dental implant as a way to restore optimal functioning and aesthetic appeal to your mouth. For some patients, dental implants may not work well due to an insufficient amount of bone tissue for anchoring the implant. In this situation, mini implants offer new hope to those who would like to have the look of natural teeth.

How Mini Implants Work

Rather than using traditional tooth roots that are placed by a skilled periodontist, mini dental implants require the use of smaller roots that are narrower compared to traditional implant roots. Because of the size as well as its non-invasive nature, the healing time for a mini dental implant procedure is shorter, and less bone tissue is necessary for the success of the implant.


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