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Gum Disease in Children: Risks and Prevention

Do you have a family history of gum disease? Gum disease knows no age. Everyone is at risk. It is a condition that poses a huge threat to dental health starting from younger children and teenagers to adult populations.

Although gum disease is most common in adults, younger children who don’t practice proper dental care habits and who have a family history of this condition may experience this type of problem. Genetic makeup is also hard to ignore along with other risk factors such as poor nutrition, clenching, and grinding of teeth. Orange County periodontist like Dr. Ramyar Elyassian expertly advises the early detection and prevention to avoid further complications this disease may bring.

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Coffee Lovers Have Healthier Teeth?

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Whether you just want a beautiful set of pearly whites to show off or want it out of good hygiene, you don’t want stained teeth to get in your way of displaying a great set of teeth. That is why your Orange County periodontist Dr. Ramyar Elyassian and his team are here to help you bring back the confidence in your smile through teeth that are white and healthy.

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The Link Between Infected Gums and Heart Attack

Gum disease can inflame your gums, foul your breath, make chewing a chore and cause you to eventually lose your teeth. But did you know it’s possibly linked with heart disease, too? Atherosclerosis is a condition characterized by the “hardening” of the arteries as fat and other substances (collectively called arterial plaques) accumulate on their walls. If blood flow is substantially blocked, heart problems occur. Read more…

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