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Tooth loss: Most Common Causes and Consequences

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Good oral hygiene and regular visit to your Orange County periodontist are always recommended to achieve optimum oral health. These good practices, in turn, will benefit you with strong, healthy, disease-free teeth. However, tooth loss cannot be prevented no matter how much you practice good dental hygiene.

What are the common causes of tooth loss?

There are various reasons for the common causes of tooth loss. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, and poor nutrition are on the top of the list.



Dispel Dental Myths: Achieve Optimum Dental Healt

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It is time to dispel dental health fictions. Although sometimes it is hard to tell its difference from dental facts, your Orange County periodontist will help us debunk these common myths. People tend to believe these dental myths in the hope of reducing or relieving their dental woes and cancel their dental consultations to rely solely on mythical practices. The results? Dental cavities, raging toothache, bleeding gums, tooth loss, etc. disallowing us from getting what we deserve- a proper dental care. Here are a few myths known to many:


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