Dental Implant and Laser Surgical Specialists

An Oral Surgeon at Work

Losing teeth is not something that is thought of as an issue each day. Most of the time, people neglect their oral health due to busy schedules. It is not only until a pain or discomfort is felt that they go and visit their dentists.

When is it time to visit an oral surgeon?

There are times when some conditions require the expertise of oral surgeons. They are different with regular dentists, having four or six more years of training. An oral surgeon, also called as maxillofacial surgeon, can perform operations such as dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, tooth and facial injuries even as far as oral cancer. Usually, a dentist would suggest the help of an oral surgeon when the situation entails the specialty of oral surgeon.

Dental Implant and Oral Surgeon

Usually when undergoing a dental implant, an oral surgeon does only the surgery part. An oral surgeon would produce a hole in the bone referred to as the “osteotomy” where the implants will be places. Implants are sterile until it is placed in the hole and the last part of the procedure is the closing of the gum flap tissues. With gentle tissue management all throughout the surgery, healing process would offer little discomfort, and healing has 95-97% success rate.

There are still so many things that an oral surgeon can do after all the years of training and practice in their part and it is important that you know a local surgeon in case of emergencies. Say you’re from Orange County, get a list of all the surgeons and find one that’s nearest to you. You never know when it will come in handy.



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