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Gum contouring for the perfect smile

Modern cosmetic dentistry has gone a long way from the idea of just turning teeth into sparkly white teeth. One of the misconceptions that people make is the idea that taking care of the teeth alone is enough. The gums are an essential part of the mouth and must also be cared for.

Aside from teeth whitening, one way to improve your smile is through gum contouring. There are some conditions when the gums are hanging too low or is too high for your liking. You may undergo gum contouring to fix that. Having uneven gums makes you susceptible to decay and tooth loss and may even lead to periodontal disease.

Gum contouring is a surgery done either for cosmetic purposes or as a part of other periodontal procedures such as crown lengthening, regenerative procedures and pocket reduction. Most people that undergo this procedure is after the cosmetic purposes of the surgery, but then again, it differs with each patient.

Gum contouring is not really a requirement but more of a personal preference of the patient’s side. If you’re planning to go on one, you can expect to have the surgery done in general practice that includes anesthesia to numb the area. After surgery, the patient will experience inflammation and it can be cured by pain-relievers. Eating will be limited to soft and cool foods after the first few days, and spicy foods must be avoided at all cost.

After full recovery from the surgery, you may now be able to flash that beautiful smile you’re aiming for with more confidence!


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