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Facts about Wisdom Teeth Removal

If your dentist has recommended that you visit an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal, you are not alone. This is among the most common types of oral surgeries performed in the United States, but the prospect of having any surgery performed can strike you with fear and concern. By learning more about what to expect from this type of procedure, you can ease your concerns and comfortably move forward with it.

Pain Management

The teeth that are going to be removed during this procedure are permanent adult teeth, and they are anchored into your facial bones. Patients generally receive general anesthesia and are not awake during the procedure. Pain and swelling after they wake up or when the procedure has been completed can be managed through ice, pain relief medication, and other steps. Your oral surgeon can discuss pain management with you before the procedure so that you know more fully what to expect.

Long-Term Benefits

The pain and discomfort associated with the removal of wisdom teeth is typically short-lived, and many people will find that they can go back to their daily activities free of pain after a few days. In exchange for a few days of discomfort, you can benefit from long-term advantages. Wisdom teeth removal is often completed to prevent other types of discomfort associated with mouth overcrowding, teeth coming in the wrong direction and more. The corrective procedures for these can be just as uncomfortable or even more so in some cases.


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