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The Link Between Infected Gums and Heart Attack

Gum disease can inflame your gums, foul your breath, make chewing a chore and cause you to eventually lose your teeth. But did you know it’s possibly linked with heart disease, too? Atherosclerosis is a condition characterized by the “hardening” of the arteries as fat and other substances (collectively called arterial plaques) accumulate on their walls. If blood flow is substantially blocked, heart problems occur.

What has gum disease to do with this, though? It was found that bacteria from the gums can enter the blood stream and stick to plaques along the arterial walls. One theory suggests that besides contributing to the blockage, the presence of these gum bacteria may be triggering immune responses that cause blood cells to swell, which further narrows the blood’s passage way.

Proper diagnosis and treatment of tooth and gum infection, according to the Academy of General Dentistry, have resulted in a decreased intake of blood pressure medication and improved overall health for some people with heart problems. If you are currently suffering from gum disease and fear that it can worsen your heart condition, consult a local Orange County oral surgeon for treatments. Time is crucial not just to stomp gum disease progression; successful treatment might also help alleviate your heart’s burden.


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