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Fight Tooth Loss with Dental Implants

It’s the unsightly gap that makes most of us cringe at the thought of a missing tooth. Yet did you know that losing teeth, whether by extraction, accidents, or natural causes, and not replacing them immediately, speeds up an aged appearance? Without teeth to prompt re-growth, the jawbone deteriorates gradually, resulting in a partially collapsed visage so common among the elderly.


You lose what you don’t use


The jawbone’s primary function is to hold the teeth and to signal its need for support, while the teeth transmit small stresses through biting and chewing, prompting the jawbone to keep on rebuilding. The loss of teeth, however, affects the jawbone’s anchoring job as the body begins to break it down and reabsorb it. The lower portion of the face shrinks and the cheeks turn hollow, thereby creating a disproportioned, aged appearance.


Dental implant is hope


While bridges and dentures help restore chewing functions, they do not address the underlying problem, the very purpose for which a dental implant is designed. A dental implant is basically a small, rod-like titanium piece surgically fused with the jawbone to induce stimulation and help the latter maintain its shape and mass. A cosmetic dentist can also attach a crown to fill the gap and completely restore your smile.


Jawbone deterioration usually starts within the first year of tooth loss, so time is of the essence. Be sure to visit a qualified cosmetic dentist to see whether dental implantation is right for you.


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